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The adjective most used to describe Jenna is "firecracker”! Jenna has always had a passion for health/fitness/nutrition and sees it as a personal goal to not only push herself to be healthy & eat right, but to encourage and build others up to their highest potential. She is currently in development of her own health/wellness TV show (theJENNAfiles), and can be seen kicking people’s butts at the Hollywood Location of popular fitness method, POP PHYSIQUE. Jenna resides in LA w/ her hubby & 2 Boston’s, Fender & Rocket.

Website URL: http://www.jennacoker.com

Hold the Sugar - I'm Sweet Enough!

Published in Food & Travel News
Monday, 04 February 2013 08:46
It’s a blistering city morning, you walk into Starbucks---- 7:30 am… you get your normal drinkie order, but need more of a boost this particular AM. There is a giant poster for their “healthy” perfect steel-cut oatmeal with delicious and delectable toppings that sound absolutely perfect for this chilly day. They say it is low in calorie, and haven’t you always heard that oatmeal is the perfect way to start a day?

You receive your piping hot oatmeal (by itself, the nutritional value and good stuff really stack up!) But then… you receive a bag of “healthy goodies” to pour on top… Brown sugar, nut mix, dried fruit… Without looking at the packages you quickly pour all of the toppings right on the oatmeal and gobble it down. Each topping mini-bag adds an EXTRA 50-100 calories to your “healthy breakfast”. BUT wait…. There’s more. The worst part about it is, that they aren’t just a nut mix or dried fruit. You get delicious sulfites, preservatives, more salt & ADDED SUGAR.

Dried fruit of ANY kind does not need any sweetener. Fruit IS sweet. Naturally. The ingredients for a dried fruit mix should be: Raisins, Cherries, Cranberries. NOTHING ELSE.

Good nut mixes also are just that… a Nut mix. Ingredients should be: Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts. NOTHING ELSE.

Steer clear of adding the sugar yourself as well. Skip the brown sugar. I always carry around little Stevia packets with me in my purse, which is a healthy NATURAL sugar alternative. If you don’t like Stevia, I am also OBSESSED with Raw Coconut Sugar as well (it’s low –glycemic, which means we process it quicker, easier, and without the big up and down crash of normal sugar) I also might carry around a tiny bag of raw almonds/raisins too. You may think that I am a freak… but I am supercharging & fueling my body with GOOD food instead of weighing it down with all the junk.

Don’t be fooled, it just takes a little planning & know-how…and of course, NEVER skip reading the labels or nutrition facts of ANYTHING.

And PS: Real food tastes better.

Savvy Product: Earskinz

Published in Home & Money News
Monday, 21 January 2013 10:24
If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I LOVE to run and workout.  I love the feeling, the rush, the joy it gives me when I have gone to a whole new level with my fitness.  While I do these things, one MUST for me is a killer playlist or podcast.


Published in Beauty & Health News
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:01
Like most Savvy girls, I am on the never ending search for budget beauty ideas and the next new fun AFFORDABLE product.  Seeing that I am a holistic freak and thrive on everything “natural” and “organic”… oh, and did I mention I am pregnant—I needed something to prevent the ever impending pregnancy breakout without all of the harsh chemicals.

I want something SALTY!!! Oh—and hold the salt.

Published in Food & Travel News
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 09:12

I am always on the Sweet/Salt rollercoaster… AND—finding something to satisfy the craving that is actually HEALTHY is one of my missions… as opposed to the main staples of the “standard American diet”, which is filled with processed food and things that are not good for your body.

On this particular day, I wanted CRUNCHY & SALTY! On my quest to find chip-like crunchy deliciousness that I can dip into my homemade hummus or just have on its own… I FOUND IT! It is super easy AND super healthy. Oh—and low-carb.

Blenders: Not All Created Equal

Published in Food & Travel News
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 10:17

You know when you want something specific? Like… I want to make a certain soup or let’s say… a vegan ice cream… or delicious green smoothie? And you just can’t get it out of your mind. You excitedly grab all the ingredients and begin to prepare it… mouth salivating… You throw it in the appliance that will whip it up to perfection and… it ends up being MUSH. It’s called a SMOOTHIE, not a CHUNKIE. (Eww. That word in itself is… eck.)

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