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7 Steps to Prepping Your Job for Vacation

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Written by Savvy Girl Tuesday, 16 April 2013 09:15

I won't bore, scare or depress you with statistics about how many Americans forego their vacations each year and how great the [fill in the blank, usually the French] have it with endless vacation days because we've all heard it before.  The fact is, it's daunting to drift off from our jobs footloose and fancy free for a vacation when our jobs don't feel all that secure in the first place. 

And yet.  Vacations are a known stress-reliever and can lead to increased productivity making you EVEN MORE AWESOME than before you left!  So what are you waiting for??? 

3 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes for the Savvy Girl

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Written by Anna Islam Thursday, 11 April 2013 08:11

Your grandma was right - breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Eating breakfast revs up your metabolism and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Rushing out the door without an adequate breakfast will leave you vulnerable to unhealthy temptations at work and ravenous by lunch.  Let’s face it – we’re all in a hurry and can’t always prepare a healthy meal in the morning, let alone sit down and enjoy it, but this doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast all together!

Here are three easy, make-ahead breakfast recipes that you can assemble the night before and enjoy in the morning.

Olive Oil Savvy: When to Splurge, When to Save

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Written by Savvy Girl Wednesday, 10 April 2013 16:43

olive oil

Knowing a thing or two about the breakdown of olive oil types can help you save big when you go to stock up on a bottle (or two.)

Olive oils fall into the following three similarly named and therefore easily confused categories—take a quick look at the list, think about how much you use of each, and we'll convene after.

Food Sleuthing For Wee Savvies

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Written by Savvy Girl Friday, 05 April 2013 15:24

Trying to get Wee Savvy to gulp down the USDA recommended 5 servings of vegetables a day can be a tribulation of Sisyphean proportions, but with our savvy tips, at least you've got a fighting chance of getting that vegetable-shaped boulder up the hill.  These tips are so easy and adult-friendly--not a monkey-shaped sandwich in the bunch-- they've actually become de rigueur for all of our daily cooking, keeping us on the veggie-train as well.

Say 'Pfffft' to Powder With Easy Belgian Hot Cocoa

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Written by Savvy Girl Wednesday, 03 April 2013 16:28


If you've never indulged in a cup of real, homemade Belgian hot cocoa, you simply haven't lived.  Ok, you've lived, but you've deprived yourself of one of the great hot beverages known to mankind—even families as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries sipped it at dinner (those crazy old cats). It's a pretty rich treat, so we like to half the recipe below, because it will only keep a few days in the fridge.  For extra sass, we add a dash of orange liquor, creme de menthe, or just drink as is, but because it's so rich, we serve it in espresso cups or shot glasses.  This is not for your giant "I Hate Mondays" Garfield mug.

Easter Sweets!

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Written by Savvy Girl Thursday, 28 March 2013 08:51

Easter can mean so many things to so many people, but for children Easter only means one thing: Candy! We remember the thorough excitement of receiving that BIG (hopefully) Easter basket filled with things such as the requisite chocolate eggs and slightly weird marshmallow chicks—we always felt a little guilty biting the little fellow heads off, but we did it anyway. As we’ve grown and gotten to know our bodies better, we recognize that sugar, in it’s many unadulterated forms, can cause our younger friends to lose their heads, so we’ve started considering treats that taste good and won’t have as many nasty after shocks.

Restaurant Meal at Home: Spicy Broccoli Salad

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Written by Savvy Girl Tuesday, 26 March 2013 07:27

Spicy Broccoli SaladThis Savvy Girl was recently in Palm Springs on business and what a time we had! Such a great spot to get some sun and do great thrift shopping. The capital of modernism, and as we heard FUN (all the LA stars used to hang out in PS back in the day because it was within the allowed 100-mile radius from Hollywood), Palm Springs is a bright, splashy town that begs leisurely exploration. On our way back to LAX, we stopped for lunch and had one of the best salads we’ve EVER eaten. And that’s saying a lot! It wasn’t complicated, but was SO filling and good for you that we thought we would share the recipe…

Now, this is the recipe that we ‘believe’ made up the ingredients of this delectable green goodness. We may have left something out of the original, but we promise it is good. When we got home we made it for our husband and he approved!

Easy Entertaining: Savvy, 5-Minute Tapas

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Written by Savvy Girl Thursday, 21 March 2013 15:51

Having friends over for a budget-friendly nibble doesn’t have to mean off-brand cheese puffs you scored at the local bodega, nor does it imply a full sit-down dinner for ten.  For light entertaining, easier gets the job done faster, happier, stress-free and for this, we have our dear friends in España to thank for the invention of...the tapa.

You don't need to sacrifice style or flavor with any of these savory, 5-minute tapas* you can whip up in...well...5 minutes.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your company, which is what you invited them over for in the first place, n'est-ce pas?

*Purists will note these are Americanized tapas, not true Spanish tapas, which you'll just have to hop on a flight to Spain to experience first-hand.